Plett Camino continues to be featured in an ever growing selection of tourism industry publications from Getaway Magazine, to Rove SA, Lunch with Pippa Hudson, Tourism Talks and many others. Bookings also have increased now that the cold wet winter in the Western Cape is now behind us.

When the weather is cold, wet and awful, it is not the time that people decide that it is a great idea to go on a slackpacking hiking trail. However, as the weather clears, we find that people are starting their forward planning again, and bookings are now starting to roll in for the end of the year and then also we find the slots filling up to December 2024.

The majority of our enquiries come from people who are looking for ‘trail hiking near me’ or ‘waterfall hikes near me’. In many cases people ask us about the picturesque river walks that are included on the Plett Camino or any other ‘Camino in South Africa’. It is not just people searching for Caminos, but also slackpacking trails who show up on our doorstep and we are always keen to point them in the right direction.

In many cases they are single hikers and particularly single women who are looking to join a safe slackpacking hiking trail where they will be looked after, who enquire with us.

Below we will include more links to articles that have been published don the web:

Novum Times 10 Aug 2023 ->