The Route

Our bodies need movement … our minds need stillness – All you need to do is arrive and we’ll do the rest !

Plett Camino Route

The hiking trail takes us inland from the Garden of Eden near Knysna and winds its way north away from civilisation deep into the Knysna forest.

After the second night, the trail turns to the east, crossing the Bitou River Valley, then meandering across the plains of the Plett Game Reserve before dropping down into the Keurbooms River Valley.  

What goes down must come up, and so the the route climbs us out of the Keurbooms River Valley into the forests above, leading us to the wine lands of the Crags, near Kurland.

The final day’s trail takes us back into the forest canopy and boulder hopping alongside an ancient river bed, before climbing out of the valley and hiking down towards the Keurbooms River.

At the Keurbooms, our transport awaits to ferry us to Down to Earth Restaurant for a farewell lunch before departing for our cars.

Tsitsikamma view
Forest Trail 6




Forest Trail 9
Forest Trail 7
The First Night

Tniqua Stables

For ease of booking flights and transport – Arrival is either a Saturday or Sunday evening depending on your booking.

For Saturday starts you will overnight Sat, Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, and hike on Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs and finish after lunch on Thursday  at ±3:30pm.

For Sunday starts you will overnight Sun, Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, and hike on Mon, Tues, Wed, Thurs, Fri and finish after lunch on Friday at ±3:30pm.

You arrive in Plett by car or air and meet us at the guesthouse to settle in for your first night. Transfers can be arranged from Plett airport. Check-in at the guesthouse is recommended at the latest by 5pm where we meet fellow hikers and introduce you to the guides and the support teams, and run through some of the formalities.

After drinks and dinner you will have the evening at your leisure getting to know new friends. Some people may want to use this time to chat about and set their intentions for the next 5 days.

Your cars will be safe for you to collect at the end of your journey.

The Jungle Stage - Day 1

Greenfern Lodge Plett Camino

Where better to begin a hiking trail than at the Garden of Eden !

The Plett Camino begins here, where you can settle in and work out your own rhythm. Some people may want to speed through, but we encourage you to slow down and absorb the sights, smells and sounds of the forest.

There is no rush – we are here for the next 5 days. It is your journey to enjoy, reflect and be at peace in the wilderness.

The hiking trail of about 13km takes us through unspoiled indigenous forest where we stop for lunch and a rest, and then continue on to our first destination, Greenfern Lodge, where we will relax for the rest of the afternoon around the pool.

First night out on the trail always promises to be a big celebration, but be prepared to pay interest on your festivities the following day !

Plett Camino Day 1 Elevation Profile


The Forest Stage - Day 2

Protea Wilds

We begin after breakfast by making our way into the forest for a testing day of beautiful indigenous forest, plantations and pastures.

After about 9km and nearly 3 hours, we arrive at Packwood Wine Estate for a wine tasting and a delicious lunch of cheese and charcuterie, before carrying on another 4km to the destination.

After a total of about 13km we emerge at Protea Wilds Retreat, where we are met with drinks and snacks in a magic hideaway high above the Bitou River Valley with gorgeous views of the majestic Langkloof and Tsitsikamma Mountains in the background.

Plett Camino Day 2 Elevation Profile

The Fynbos Stage - Day 3

The hiking trail begins after breakfast as we venture down the side of the upper Bitou Valley and climb up into indigenous forest, mountain fynbos and lush green pastures.

As we emerge from the forest, the climbs have elevated us into some of the most spectacular views of the Garden Route and Tsitsikamma Mountains.

After an undulating 16km we arrive at our gorgeous 4th night destination of Bellamanga in the Uplands region high above Plettenberg Bay.

Plett Camino Day 3 Elevation Profile

The Queens Stage - Day 4

20 Good Summers

Known as the Queens Stage, Day 4 promises to be a long and a tough one. It covers a tad over 18km on foot but includes a few hills and valleys offering up a stunning diversity of pastures, indigenous forest and plantations before emerging back onto the winelands of the Crags, where a well-deserved break awaits.

The Queens stage incorporates some innovative surprises along the way including a game drive through the Plettenberg Bay Game reserve, and a wine tasting at Kay & Monty Vineyards, which will surely make this the day to remember.

Day 4 has a steep climb out of the Keurbooms valley, but after a rest at the top, there is a glorious 10 km of forest trails where those who prefer a fast pace can really stretch their legs.

Pizza night awaits at 20 Good Summers where we overnight, and recuperate from the long days hike.

Plett Camino Day 4 Elevation Profile

The River Bed Stage - Day 5

Down To Earth

Day 5 begins after breakfast as your journey turns for home. Having ventured into the Garden of Eden four days earlier, Day 5 takes through the forest and down the course of an ancient river bed, followed by a heady climb over the hills back in the direction of the Keurbooms river and Plettenberg Bay.

The views as you climb these hills are spectacular and will remain etched in your mind for a long time to come. Descending now from the east of Plettenberg Bay, the Robberg peninsula slowly reveals itself in the distance as you make your way down the hill towards the Keurbooms River below where our transport awaits to take us to a final lunch before saying our farewells.

The distance on our final day is 13km which includes an invigorating ascent before plunging into Keurbooms River.

Plett Camino Day 5 Elevation Profile

Walking Plett Camino

The Camino entails five nights and five days of hiking from one carefully chosen accommodation venue to the next. It covers a total distance of 80 kilometeres in the 5 days, at an average of about 15km per day.

It caters for a max of 12 Hikers per group and Caminos run 3 times a week from mid- January to mid-December each year. Clients can book the whole group of 12 exclusively or book in smaller groups to join with others.

Sundowner snacks

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Upper Keurbooms River


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